Matthew Woodruff debuts with this witty and darkly humorous look at Edward Gorey's 26 alphabetized children in The Gashlycrumb TInies.

If you ever laughed at a dude slipping on a banana peel, even if you rushed to help lift him up - you may be a dark humor afficianado. It turns out the people who most understood and enjoyed dark humor like Edward Gorey's or Tim Burtons were also the most intelligent, educated, least troubled, and least aggressive subjects. Apparently if you’re smart and in a manageable emotional state, you’re ready for a dark joke. The people least likely to be black-humor fans were the average folks, with medium values for intelligence, education, stability, and aggressiveness. All of which may suggest another reason why people who enjoy dark humor are snickering all the time: We’re better than everyone else. (Just joking.)

26 Absurdities of Tragic Proportions was awarded the Finalist Prize in the 2019 American Fiction Awards 'Short Stories' Category by American Book Fest.

This is an utterly fascinating and wryly composed collection of companion tales to Edward Gorey's alphabetical illustrations in 'The Gashlycrumb Tinies'. These darkly humorous tales capture the essence of wit and satire with one tale for each child depicted in Gorey's most famous illustrations.These tales are all about human behavior, characteristics, chance and choice, and life and death. From Mystery to SciFi, from Drama to Fairy Tale and from Adventure to Gothic, this book has something for everyone. Consistently ranks in the top 100 books on Amazon.